What ages are appropriate for the kit?
For a solo build 15 years is our suggested cutoff. With help from an adult we have seen children as young as 5 fly better than adults but they won’t be much use during the build.

Is this a good parent/child project?
The Flack kit is a great opportunity for parent/child collaboration. The name Flack (Flying + Hack) came from a parent and two children who took one of our classes. A good age for the child is 10.

Oddly enough we have multiple stories of our book being bedtime reading. Not our intention but a great outcome.

What is the minimal flying area needed
A baseball diamond/soccer field is enough room. With experience much smaller flying spaces are possible.

So you got a kit?

Maker Shed sold our kits for a few years with current serial numbers in the 300 range. Look at the 300 series build video.

If you have a less than 300 series kit then send email to kits@brooklynaerodrome.com and we’ll get you sorted.

The Brooklyn Aerodrome Shop is selling kits for 400+ series build videos.

We are committed to getting your Towel/Flack built and in the air. If you are having trouble please get in touch via kits@brooklynaerodrome.com.

Spare Parts

Our shop does not show spare parts right now. Too many people were treating it like a hobby shop and it was not working for us. But if you bust a part or want some spares (within reason) we will accommodate kit buyers.

Bulk Kits/Parts for Education

We are getting increased use as a STEAM (Science Technology Education Art and Math) project. We now have a page describing our education options. The education offerings are quite different than our consumer kits.